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Center Stud™ is hopefully, in the near future, going to have a major makeover. Up until this point, Center Stud™ has been 3D printed. Our first Kickstarter Campaign was not sucessful however we are not stopping there. We are seeking the funds to take Center Stud™ to the next level.

Sometime in the near future we need Center Stud™ to be mass produced using Injection Molding technology. The injection molding process will not only render Center Stud™ to be a much more durable tool as compared to 3D printing, but the new method of production will bring down the price considerably.

We have decided to bring down the price of 3D printed Center Stud™ to the price point which the injection molded model will be. Our costs haven't dropped with the 3D printing; we just want to get some of them out there and highly desire feedback on its use.

Here is the link to our unsucessful Kickstarter campaign.

To our knowledge, you can go there and follow it or leave a message. When we relaunch we will be sending everyone there a message and a link to our new campaign where we will be making new videos, one with a celebrity which has joined us as a partner, and launching another Kickstarter campaign in the near future.

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The Staff here at Center Stud™

Watch the instructional video.

"Nail guns are powerful.... They are responsible for an estimated 37,000 emergency room visits each year — 68% of these involve workers."

- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Read Center Stud™ Safety Guidlines

Center Stud™ is not a shield. It will not stop a nail from a nail gun. It only offers an extra level of preventing personal injury.


One thing not included in the above video is that Center Stud™ can be used to nail cripple studs to the upper plate and can also be used to nail cripple studs to the sill plate by pulling the tape rule from the end stud and across the sill plate. By doing so, the upper and lower cripple studs will line up perfectly.

Center Stud™ is the most innovative new carpentry tool on the market. It not only assists in laying out the studs during wall construction, no matter what length of wall; it also assists in protecting the hand when nailing. There is no longer a need to pre-measure and mark the upper and lower plates when framing a wall. You just clip a tape rule to the holder, then clamp the holder to either plate and you are ready to go.

Not since the late nineteenth century, when building materials started becoming more uniform across the building industry, especially the dimensions of lumber and the spacing of wall studs, has there been a major improvement to the framing process. Sure; the standardization of material sizes has changed, including the standard spacing of 16 inches on center for studs in the early 1930s along with 4x8 sheets of plywood becoming the standard for exterior walls. This was followed up in the 1960s when the use of plaster became less common which was replaced by 4x8 sheets of drywall for the interior.

What has not, in all this time, changed drastically, is the method of laying out the framing during the building process. Even though there have been advancements in the tools used to measure and mark the upper and lower plates of a wall, there has been no advancement in the method of the actual measuring and the laying out of studs and joists.

Until now.

Introducing; Center Stud™.

The tool which will not only save time but will also assist in saving trips to the hospital.

Made in the U.S.A.


Tape rule and clamp not included.

The Old Way.

The way it's been done for decades

Since the late 19th century, the standardization of wall building materials has progressively brought the construction industry into the modern age. During this time, basic construction standards have pinpointed the measurements of 16 inch and 24 inch on center as the proper layout of wall studs.

Also, during this time, the laborer, or properly labeled, the framer, has endured the tedious task of measuring and marking the upper plate and the lower plate of a wall, manually lining up the studs to those marks and then manually lining up the attaching tool, usually a high-powered nail gun, in order to attach the stud to the plate by injecting a nail through the plate and into the stud. In the last part of this operation, the framer places their hand in harm's way multiple times during the framing process.

The Way of the Future.

Center Stud™; a Builder's Dream Tool

For decades, as many of the tools required to frame walls to proper specs became more and more modern, many framers have asked repeatedly as to when someone was going to make a tool which eliminated the need to measure and mark the upper and the lower plates before attaching the studs.

Center Stud™ not only eliminates the need for pre-marking the plates during wall construction; it also aligns the stud, flush and square with the plate, in one smooth operation. 

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Center Stud™ guides attaching tool

Center Stud™ then furnishes a window to properly align the attaching tool, whether it be a nail gun or a power drill, allowing the framer to quickly inject attaching hardware while keeping their hand further from possible injury.

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NOTE: Center Stud™ is not a shield.
It will not stop a nail from a nail gun. It only offers an extra level of preventing personal injury.

Top view showing measurement indicator, stud channel, tape guide and plate channel.

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Bottom view showing plate channel, stud channel, measurement indicator, tape guide and nail gun guide

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Tape rule holder.


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Tape rule holder with tape rule attached and clamp holding assembly to wall plate.

(Clamp and tape rule not included.)

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Center Stud™ in place, aligning stud to wall plate at 24 inch center and awaiting attachment.

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